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Reduce Cellulite the Safe Way.

Introduction to Cellfina Treatment in Vernon Hills

Finally achieve dimple-free skin.

Cellulite is something that many of us struggle to get rid of, no matter how healthy we eat or what exercises we do.

    • If you’re looking for a different way to treat your cellulite, Cellfina may be your solution. Cellfina is the only FDA-cleared, minimally-invasive procedure clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the expert care providers at RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa are available to provide Chicagoland area patients with treatment.

Am I a candidate?

Treatment Type

Minimally invasive

Treatment Time

45 minutes to an hour


Injectable numbing

Back to Work

2-3 Days

Total Recovery Time

3-4 Weeks

Duration of Results

Three years or longer

# of Treatments


Treatment overview

Cellfina treatments use a small suction-stabilizer to pull the skin tight, and stretch the bands the bands that cause cellulite into a position that’s optimal for treatment.

Our expert professionals then deliver a local numbing agent for comfort, and a microblade is used to break up those tight, connective bands that are causing the cellulite. Once finished, the skin smoothes itself out and appears tighter, giving you results that can last up to three years!


Cellfina addresses…

Cellfina is used strictly to help treat cellulite. Specifically, the dimpling seen on the surface of the skin.


Benefits of Cellfina

  • Cellfina is the only minimally-invasive treatment approved by the FDA to treat Cellulite, meaning that this procedure is proven to be safe and effective.
  • Cellfina patients typically see quick results, usually within a few days.
  • The treatment is quick, lasting only about 45 minutes.
  • The Cellfina healing process with little to no downtime. Cellfina patients can continue social activities as normal after treatment.
  • One treatment can have long-lasting results. Usually, patients can see results lasting longer than three years.

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How it Works

The Consultation

At RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, each initial patient consultation is different.

Depending on your needs, desired treatments, areas of concern, and simply who you are as a patient, we will schedule you with an actual treatment provider to discuss your goals, budget, and more. During this appointment, we will go through before & after photos, your medical history, and any questions you might have. Only then can we make a recommendation for which procedures or treatments may be right for you and why. We will be sure to educate you on how the treatments work, including what to expect during and afterward.

  • A typical consultation lasts about 40 minutes and is free for all aesthetic treatments, including Cellfina. At the end of your consultation, you will leave our office in Vernon Hills with a thorough, personalized treatment plan. And when you’re ready, we’ll schedule your first treatment session.

Your Cellfina Procedure

As with any procedure, we start your Cellfina treatment by ensuring your total comfort in a clean, comfortable, and private treatment room.

Our expert providers will then mark the target areas, apply the suction stabilizer and local numbing agent, and begin the procedure.

The entire procedure usually lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, during which the patient will feel virtually no pain. The aforementioned microblade used for the procedure is roughly the size of a small needle, and any cuts made are just below the skin’s surface to avoid tissue damage. Once finished, patients will have almost no downtime. However, the treatment area may be tender for a few days.

The Recovery

Following your Cellfina appointment, patients are free to resume normal social activities.

  • However, it may be beneficial to take it easy for at least 24 hours, as mild tenderness and soreness is a common side effect. However, these effects should subside after a few days or less. Once complete, patients may start seeing results in as little as three days. Overall, assuming reasonable diet and exercise habits, patients should see smoother and tighter skin at the treatment area for years to come!

Before & After

Before & After Cellfina Treatments in Vernon Hills

RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is proud to illustrate our exquisite Cellfina results; remember, these are real patients with real results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Cellfina

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Dr. Lu and his staff are wonderful. Caring and efficient. Highly recommend this practice.
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I’ve been seeing Dr. Morno for over 4 years and am so pleased with my results. Everyone is so friendly and professional, I would recommend them to all my close friends and family.
-Kristen Ramirez
Everyone extremely courteous and friendly. Check in was smooth and was helped immediately
-Donna Meskan
Jacque helped make my skin feel refreshed again even while pregnant, thank youu! <3
-Yoandra Lopez

Love Jackie!
My 3 treatment with her!
Magic hands!
My skin looks amazing!
I tell all my friends and coworkers about her and what she does….
Absolutely wonderful!!!

-Marina Turetsky

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