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Introduction to Latisse Eyelash Treatment in Vernon Hills

Reinvigorate your lashes.

The first and only FDA-approved treatment of its kind, Latisse is a safe and effective way to get longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes.

  •  At RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, we’re proud to be one of the first centers in Chicagoland area to offer this revolutionary prescription treatment.

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Treatment Type

Applied to upper eyelash

Treatment Time

A few minutes



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Total Recovery Time


Duration of Results

Dependent on continued use

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Treatment overview

If you’ve always wanted thicker, fuller eyelashes, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, regular applications of Latisse are a safe and proven way to grow your lashes.

Using Latisse daily for two months will result in noticeable eyelash improvements. With that being said, it’s important to continue using Latisse regularly after two months. Stopping treatment will revert your eyelashes back to their original appearance


  • Latisse® Treats…

    In addition to helping everyday people regrow their eyelashes, Latisse also has shown the potential to help people who’ve lost their eyelashes due to medical issues such as alopecia areata or chemotherapy.

Eyelash Regrowth



Benefits of Latisse® Eyelash Treatment in Vernon Hills

  • Latisse is FDA-approved and proven to be safe and effective in growing eyelashes.
  • RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is one of the first centers in the North Chicago area to offer this prescription treatment, which gives us the ability to provide you support with any questions you may have.
  • Most patients begin experiencing noticeable results within a few short months. If you decide Latisse isn’t for you, discontinuing the treatment will reverse the effects with no consequences.

Latisse near you in Vernon Hills

How it Works

The Consultation

At RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, each initial patient consultation is different.

Depending on your needs, desired treatments, areas of concern, and simply who you are as a patient, we will schedule you with an actual treatment provider to discuss your goals, budget, and more. During this appointment, we will go through before & after photos, your medical history, and any questions you might have. Only then can we make a recommendation for which procedures or treatments may be right for you and why. We will be sure to educate you on how the treatments work, including what to expect during and afterward.

A typical consultation lasts about 40 minutes and is free of charge for all aesthetic treatments, including Latisse. At the end of your consultation, you will leave our office in Vernon Hills with a thorough, personalized treatment plan. And when you’re ready, we’ll schedule your first treatment session.

The Procedure

Before you begin a daily Latisse treatment, it’s important to remove all makeup and any contact lens.

Latisse is applied by dabbing it on the upper lash line each night a clean applicator. Please don’t reuse applicators, as this may result in an eye infection or allergic reaction

Once applied, the drug spreads to your lower lash line automatically as you blink. Do NOT apply it into your eye or onto your lower eyelid.


The Recovery

There’s no downtime associated with daily treatments and most patients see results within about two months.

  • There are some potential side effects associated with Latisse use, including itchy/dry/red eyes, darkened eyelids, and hair growth in areas where the medication regularly runs or drips.

Before & After

Before & After Latisse Treatments in Vernon Hills

RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is proud to illustrate our exquisite Latisse results; remember, these are real patients with real results.




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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Latisse

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