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Vectra 3D Imaging

Our unique features are what make us beautiful. They inspire us to choose flattering clothing and makeup; to cultivate an original style of expression that’s completely our own.

When selecting cosmetic procedures, however, our distinctive features can pose a problem: A treatment that worked beautifully for someone else might not produce the results you’re looking for.

That’s why we use Vectra 3D Imaging at the RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa; this innovative software program creates accurate models of what patients will look like after treatment.

With the assistance of Vectra 3D Imaging, you’ll be able to precisely visualize your results—without making any changes to your face or body. You’ll also be able to make adjustments to your treatment plan and see your outcomes updated in real time.

How it Works

Vectra 3D Imaging begins with a comprehensive scan of the treatment area. During the scanning process, you will be asked to stand in front of six high-definition cameras. These cameras will be positioned in such a way that your body will be captured from multiple angles with complete accuracy.

Then, the Vectra 3D program will assemble the captured images into a 360-degree picture of your features. This computer-generated image can be rotated in order to provide a detailed representation of your projected treatment results. The Vectra 3D system also automatically collects relevant information about your anatomy, such as your exact measurements.

After an accurate 3D image of the treatment area has been created, it’s duplicated by the Vectra program. Changes are made to the duplicate image, while the first image is left in its original state. This allows the patient to compare his or her projected results with his or her current features, taking note of even the subtlest changes. Patients will also be able to see exactly how an alteration will look in proportion with the rest of their features. If you wish to have a rhinoplasty, for example, you’ll be able to accurately assess how changing your nasal tip or bridge will affect the appearance of your eyes, cheekbones, etc. With Vectra 3D Imaging, patients have absolute control over the treatment process.

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