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Introduction to Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Feeling comfortable in your own body and wearing whatever you choose can be difficult when you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your abdomen. This area can be difficult to tone even with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the Board Certified surgeons and expert staff at RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa have everything it takes to effectively guide you through the entire Tummy Tuck process, ensuring that you get the look you’ve always wanted.

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Treatment Type

Cosmetic Surgery

Treatment Time

3 Hours


General Anesthesia

Back to Work

2 Weeks

Total Recovery Time

4-6 Weeks

Duration of Results

Long lasting with up keep of lifestyle

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Treatment overview

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as tummy tuck, appeals to patients who want to flatten and shape the abdomen and waist through the removal of excess fat and skin, and repair of loose, separated rectus abdominus muscles (known as a “rectus diastasis” or “muscle separation”)”.


Used to Treat

There are a number of reasons you might have excess fat, poor elasticity of the skin or weakened connective tissue in your abdomen. These include:

Significant changes in weight


Abdominal surgery, such as a C-section


Your natural body type


Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Patients undergoing a Tummy Tuck procedure can expect:

  • Smooth, tight skin in the abdomen
  • Repaired muscle separation also known as Diastasis Recti
  • Corrected belly, leaving the midsection flatter and better toned

How it Works

The Consultation

Like all successful surgeries, a tummy tuck requires an effective consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. We charge $100 for surgical consultations that last about 40 minutes. Dr. Lu will discuss the different types of tummy tucks and match the optimal procedure for you.  A “mini tummy tuck” is for patients who have looseness of the skin from the belly button down and may involve a shorter scar (with no scar around the belly button).  A “full tummy tuck” addresses loose skin and muscle both above and below the bellow button and will involve a low abdominal and belly button scar.  A “fleur-de-lys tummy tuck” has a vertical and horizontal scar and corrects skin laxity in an up-and-down and side-by-side direction.  A “body lift” is a circumferential procedure that combines a tummy tuck with an outer thigh lift and direct buttock lift.

In order to create a tailored treatment plan, the surgeon will discuss the following with each patient:

  • Tummy tuck goals
  • Overall health condition, which includes drug allergies, past and current medical treatments
  • Medications, which includes herbal supplements, vitamins
  • Drug, alcohol and tobacco usage
  • Previous major or minor surgeries

On the day of the tummy tuck consultation, the surgeon will evaluate any possible pre-existing health conditions that may increase the risk factors of your surgery. The doctor will also take photographs of the target area, discuss options, and answer any questions you may have about the tummy procedure.

The Procedure

Abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, is a body contouring procedure that removes saggy, excess skin from the abdomen and tightens underlying abdominal muscles to give the stomach a flatter, firmer appearance. The muscle tightening is often referred to as an “internal corset or girdle” and is achieved with suturing the separated muscles together.

Liposuction is frequently done at the same time to remove fat from the areas that are not directed excised by the tummy tuck. Although it’s not a method of weight loss, tummy tuck procedures can offer significant improvement for patients who are frustrated by loose skin or a flabby belly despite enjoying a healthy weight.

Dr. Lu sculpts the trunk and focuses on a natural inset of the umbilicus (belly button), while keeping the scar low so that it is covered with most underwear.  In some cases, Dr Lu recommends an “extended tummy tuck” where a longer scar is used that maximizes skin excision, avoids dog ears and creates that “snatched” waist.

The Recovery

Tummy tuck procedures require general anesthesia and are performed as an outpatient procedure in our accredited surgery center in Vernon Hills. Dr. Lu injects long-acting local anesthetic as nerve blocks in the abdomen to decrease post-operative pain and to minimize the use of narcotic pain medication.  Recovering from a tummy tuck requires rest and downtime, as your stomach muscles become engaged with almost every movement or activity. Dr. Leonard Lu will ask you to refrain from strenuous activity for up to 6 weeks, and may ask you to wear a compression garment for several weeks after surgery in order to reduce swelling, bruising and fluid retention.

There may be drains that stay in for about a week and are easily cared for at home.  Since the drains are threaded out through the incision, there is very little discomfort to remove the drains.

Before & After

Results of a Tummy Tuck

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Tummy Tuck

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Happy patients


Dr Lu and his staff are wonderful! I’ve gone through two surgeries and have not been disappointed. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the next surgery, but I know I’m in good hands and will be well taken care of. There isn’t any other team I would place my trust in.

Katie is a gem and the best addition to that team. I have so many questions and she is always there ready to deal with my anxiety with a calm voice of reason and a smile. I feel like she has truly listened to me and genuinely cares about me.

-Nicole Hatfield

Dr. Lu and his staff were professional, efficient and very friendly throughout the entire process. They addressed any concern I had and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed with any appointment and they made me feel like I was a priority.

On the day of the surgery, any nerves I had were reassured by the professionalism and experience Dr. Lu and his staff demonstrated. It was great getting a text from Dr. Lu the next day to see how I was doing, and knowing I could text him any time with concerns or questions.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lu for any cosmetic surgery, he’s the best in the area. I had gone to a plastic surgeon a couple years ago in Schaumburg and I had a totally different experience. The staff there seemed ‘bothered’ with questions I asked and the doctor made some troubling comments when I had expressed some concerns about my results. So when I met Dr. Lu, I knew I was making the right choice to have him do my surgery.

-Dru Hay

Dr Lu and his associates are wonderful and always explain everything in detail. They took time to answer all my questions and my surgery results look better than I anticipated.
-Nina Whittaker

Very friendly team, they are all very professional, it is a very clean facility. Dr.Leonard Lu does wonderful work. I am very happy with my results.

-Cynthia Brechel

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