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Introduction to Lip Lift

Lip Lift

Most lip enhancement involves making lips larger.

For a significant number of patients, it’s about the space between the nose and the upper lip, and therefore a lip lift is the more appropriate aesthetic procedure With over 75 years of combined experience in Vernon Hills &  Chicagoland area, the Board Certified surgeons and expert staff at RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa have everything it takes to effectively guide you through the entire Lip lift process, ensuring that you get the look you’ve always wanted.

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Treatment Type

Cosmetic Surgery

Treatment Time

1 Hour


Local Anesthesia

Back to Work

5-7 Days

Total Recovery Time

2 Weeks

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Treatment overview

An upper lip lift is a surgical procedure that involves removing a small strip of skin under your nose, which shortens the area between the nose and the top lip (the philtrum) to expose more of the vermilion, the red of the lips, making them look fuller.

The procedure also rolls the vermilion border (the line between the normal lip skin and the vermilion) slightly, giving more definition to the Cupid’s bow, and reveals more of your upper teeth.


Used to Treat

There are many reasons why someone may choose to undergo a Lip lift procedure. Here are a few:

A lip lift gives you permanently fuller lips, without the ongoing maintenance of temporary injectable fillers.

It's a relatively easy plastic surgery procedure that's done under local anesthesia.

Because the procedure lifts, rather than adding bulk, a lip lift won’t give you the “duck lips” look that can sometimes happen with fillers.

It can give your mouth a more proportional look (relative to the rest of your face), enhance the shape of your lips, and expose more of your upper teeth, which creates a more youthful look.


Benefits of Lip Lift

The goal of the lip lift procedure is to shorten the upper lip and evert the vermilion, which results in a more volumized “rolled-out” lip.

  • Shortening of the lip length between the nose and mouth
  • Increased tooth show
  • Increased sensuality of the mouth
  • Shortening of the perceived length of the lower midface
  • Turning the Cupid’s bow upwards – lip eversion
  • Increasing the volume of the pink and white lip
  • Improvement of lipstick bleed lines and wrinkles
  • Subtle improvement of the corners of the mouth
  • Makes the lips and lower face appear younger
  • Improves the definition of the philtral columns and Cupid’s bow

How it Works

The Consultation

At RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, each initial patient consultation is different.

Patients who are interested in a lip lift undergo a consultation in which their medical history is reviewed. Current and past medical conditions are discussed, as are medications and supplements being taken. The face and mouth area are examined and measured, both with the mouth closed and while smiling. Additionally, photographs may be taken so the patient can see the improvement in comparison to how they looked before surgery.

We will be sure to educate you on how the treatments work, including what to expect during and afterward. At the end of your consultation, you will leave our office in Vernon Hills with a thorough, personalized treatment plan. And when you’re ready, we’ll schedule your surgery for a day and time that works for your schedule.

Lip lifts can be performed on their own or are often combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, like facelifts/necklifts, eyelid surgery, buccal fat pad removal and liposuction of the jawline and neck.  Dr. Lu will listen to your desires and formulate a customized rejuvenation plan.

The Procedure

The lip lift is a minor surgical procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia.

This may be performed alone or with other surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedures, such as rhytidectomy (facelift or neck lift) and chemical peels or laser resurfacing. In cases where the patient desires a fuller upper lip, in addition to the lip lift, a lip augmentation can be performed with injectable fillers, the patient’s own fat cells, or through a surgical procedure. The end result is a more youthful and proportional lip, with a reappearance of the “red part” of the lip and a brighter, more natural smile.

The Recovery

Most people return to work after just several days. You can expect the incision to be red or swollen for a week to 10 days afterward, and you might have some bruising around your mouth.

Dr. Leonard Lu will advise you to apply cold compresses and take over-the-counter pain meds as necessary. You’ll also need to refrain from smoking and excessive chewing for two weeks.

To improve comfort during the initial healing period, you may find it helpful to sleep on a few pillows to keep your head elevated. Sutures are removed in 5-7 days and scar care will commence shortly thereafter. The worst of the swelling should resolve within one to two weeks, and you can cover the scar with makeup. The swelling and redness of the scar will get better over time and disappear almost entirely in about three months.

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Dr. Ritacca is the best! He’s very knowledgeable and does a great job. I keep coming back to him every time I need a procedure done.
-Laura Cramer
Great knowledgeable staff!! I met with Dr Lu for my initial consultation and he was very professional. He talked to me about all my options and answered all my questions. Afterwards, Anna explained all the details and did a great job answering my additional questions.
-Chuck Rizzio

I am always very satisfied with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff.
Dr.Lu is the best!!

-Linda Moore

The entire staff was helpful and super nice. Dr. Lu’s assistant Anna was super helpful. She knows her stuff. She made me feel comfortable and got me super excited for the next step. She answered all of my questions.
-Maxi Motyka

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