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Whether it’s a cosmetic surgery procedure or nonsurgical medical spa treatment, we’re selective about offering only the latest technologies and techniques available.

Our goal is to always give our patients the best possible results, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with procedures that are years ahead in terms of safety and comfort.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Here are some of the most popular and cutting edge technologies offered by RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa. Keep in mind, these are just a few of many different innovative treatments available!


CoolSculpting is one of the top non-surgical options doctors use to eliminate fat. This innovative technology works by actually freezing the stubborn, unwanted fat off of your body, instead of using needles or incisions. Plus, it’s FDA cleared to treat nine areas on the body.

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Forever Young BBL™

Forever Young BBL (Broadband Light) reverses these effects of aging, damaged skin by using photofacial technology, which uses light energy to stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of skin. Not only does this technology change the molecular makeup of the treated area, it heals and reinvigorates the skin cells. Ultimately, this leads to the skin cells to grow back healthy and rejuvenated, resulting in younger-looking skin.

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Capillus Laser Cap

The Capillus Laser Cap, with its use of Low-level Light Therapy, makes hair regrowth easier than it’s ever been. It really is as easy as just putting on a hat! The cap uses 100% laser technology, with 272 laser diodes, to provide complete coverage for your head and scalp. These lasers stimulate and regrow the hair follicles on your head, providing up to 20 percent thicker hair over the course of treatment.

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How it Works

The leadership at RL Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa is very selective with how we adopt new technology.

Patient safety is our absolute top priority, so we ensure that each member of our staff is rigorously trained and well-versed in every aspect of a new device or treatment technique that we offer.

While we’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge of innovation, we will never sacrifice the safety of our patients and the quality of our results to do it. That’s why our staff only uses technology that has been proven to be effective and provide lasting results, with no harm to the patient.

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