Eyebrow, Submental, and Neck Lifting Treatment



  • Sofwave is innovative skin cell stimulation from advanced technology to revitalize skin beauty with new collagen production. Its FDA-cleared synchronous ultrasound parallel beam lifts eyebrow, submental, and neck tissues and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

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Treatment Type

Ultrasound Treatment

Treatment Time

30-45 Minutes



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Total Recovery Time


Duration of Results

One to two years

# of Treatments

One to two sessions

Treatment overview

Using proprietary SUPERB™ (Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam) technology, ultrasound energy penetrates your skin’s surface, heating mid-dermal layers at the precise depth and temperature to revitalize collagen fibers and enhance your overall skin appearance..

  • Significant improvement after one session
  • FDA cleared to treat wrinkles, fine lines and lifts eyebrows, submental, and neck tissues
  • Non-surgical
  • Minimal downtime
  • 30-45-minute treatment

Your skin will feel warm as Sofwave delivers its ultrasound energy. Discomfort can be managed by a topical anesthetic cream administered 45 minutes before your treatment. After each session, there are no negative sensations and no need for post-treatment skincare.

Results can be realized one week after your treatment. Expect ongoing improvement for up to three months from your last session.

Sofwave Treats

Sofwave treatment in Vernon Hills employs a unique delivery of ultrasound technology to address the following:

Collagen and elastin loss

Fine lines and wrinkles

Sagging brow, submental tissues, and neck

Sofwave Benefits

Today, various invasive surgical options are designed to treat facial wrinkles and lines. Yet, there is a need for non-invasive cosmetic options with proven safety and efficacy with minimal downtime. In addition, the more aggressive options may cause surface skin damage, which requires recovery and extended downtime. There is also a high risk of complications, including discoloration and discomfort, with many laser and chemical skin treatments. Sofwave employs a unique technology that enables controlled energy delivery and protects target skin with an integrated cooling mechanism without interrupting your daily routine. Clinical testing reveals that most patients enjoy marked improvement after three months following a single session. Seventy-two percent of patients were satisfied with their Sofwave results and rated them as improved to highly improved. In addition, the safety profile indicated that no serious adverse events were reported.

How Sofwave Works

Sofwave employs an ultrasound beam to heat the tissue at a 1.5-millimeter depth under the skin. The heat creates controlled damage, stimulating your body’s healing response, regenerating new collagen production, and remodeling your existing collagen. Collagen is a peptide chain of three amino acids that makes up as much as four-fifths of your skin. Beneath the skin surface, collagen creates a scaffolding structure that connects cells to preserve underlying tissue volume, skin elasticity, and moisture. However, the body’s collagen production will start to diminish in your twenties, and environmental factors like sun exposure and free radicals accelerate its breakdown. Thinning collagen weakens the skin’s structure, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and eventual sagging tissues. The software’s fractional ultrasound heat contracts the collagen in your skin. It stimulates the tissue repair response in your fibroblast cells and ramps up new collagen production. The results include fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and a mild firming effect.

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