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Medical Reasons for a Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty is when plastic surgery is performed on the labia, or lips, of the vaginal opening. The labia consists of two regions: the labia minora and the labia majora. The labia minora refers to the inner lips and the labia majora refers to the outer lips of the vagina. Patients who seek a labiaplasty usually want a reduction in size of one or both parts of the labia, and while many are seeking out this treatment for cosmetic reasons, there are several medical reasons why this would need to be done.

The most common medical reason why you would want to reduce the size of your labia is due to discomfort. If the labia has been stretched out, it may hang in the way of tight fitting clothing and produce discomfort when sitting, walking, exercise, or sexual activity. Furthermore, many people have hygiene issues when their labia is large. It can be difficult to keep clean and may harbor bacteria in the folds of the skin. There is no need to go through life dealing with hardships that this condition brings. If the size of your labia is affecting your quality of life, then you need to discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.

Many women report more of emotional discomfort than physical. Women may lack self-confidence when naked and they might limit their engagement in sexual activities if they believe they have an abnormal labia. Also, some women say they feel self-conscious in tight fitting clothing because they fear that their labia may be noticeable.

In short, labiaplasty could be right for you if you have experienced any of the above mentioned symptoms. If you’re experiencing any pain, trouble, or embarrassment, make an appointment soon with your plastic surgeon to talk through all your choices.

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